March 11, the Third Day of Lent

March 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

By faith we understand that the entire universe was formed at God’s command, that what we now see did not come from anything that can be seen.

-Hebrews 11.3-

After the introductory statement in vs. 1 and 2, the author of Hebrews begins to tell his audience the story of those who lived by faith. However, before their stories may be told, the stage must be set properly. The audience of Hebrews would have been familiar with the story of Creation, which can be found in Genesis 1.1-2.3. Go ahead and read the account of Creation again if you would like.

Any good story starts at the beginning, which is just what the writer of Hebrews does. Yet, it is interesting to note that even though we will read of the men and women of faith shortly, the author mentions his audience as living by faith first. His audience; you and me. This creates an interesting tension in the passage that we’re reading; certainly, the author encourages us to live by faith and addresses that in Hebrews 12.1,2. However, the author reminds us that if we choose to accept the story of salvation as our story, we must believe that God is the author of the story and the one who set the story in motion.

Therefore, if we claim the story of salvation as our own, we must see God as the author of our story as well. This is easy to do when life is going well; when life is “same old, same old” we may forget that God is author. When life is difficult, we may remember that God is author of our story and resent him as the source of our difficulties. This is part of why the author of Hebrews remind us that we must see God as Creator and Author by faith; a simple glance at the world in which we live can make it difficult to understand God as Creator. If God created the world, why do we see so much suffering and pain? If God is the author of my story, why does my story have broken places?

This is where faith comes in. If we are able to accept God as Creator and Author, we are also able to accept that God is working to reconcile places of difficulty within our stories. As Christians, we anticipate the return of Christ which will right the wrongs in our world. We accept this resolution to the story by faith, and we look forward to it as such. If we can see God at the end of the story, then we can see him at the beginning; and if we can see him at the beginning and the end, we may rest assured that he is at work in the middle.

As we journey through Lent together, may we see God as Author and Creator.

“Dear Father, thank you for the gift of creation. Help me see you as the author of my story; help me trust you for the parts of my story that I don’t know yet. As I live in the world which you created, please use me in ways that right wrongs and redeem things which have gone astray. Thank you for the grace to do so. Amen.”


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