April 10, the Fifth Sunday of Lent

April 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

During this season of Lent, this blog will focus upon Scripture for six days of the week. On the seventh day, Sunday, we will instead turn our thoughts toward life in community.

This is important to us as followers of Christ. If we seek to live as he did, then we must engage the people around us. The ministry of Christ did not take place in a vacuum; neither do our individual spiritual lives. Therefore, we should recognize the church as the body of Christ and seek to join with other Christians in faith to be God’s redeeming agents in the world.

As always, this suggestion is simply that: a suggestion. Please modify it as you wish. These suggestions are merely intended to start your thought process in the direction of life within community.

This week, take some time to intentionally reflect upon your understanding of how a Christian should interact with the church. Perhaps write a journal entry about it, or spend some time in reflection upon the role of the individual believer in the life of the whole church. How does one join the church? What does a healthy relationship between the individual believer and the church community look like? Where do you stand with your current community of faith? After you have considered these questions, take the time to raise these questions to another believer and enjoy the conversation.

As we journey through Lent together, may we be people who are grounded in the community of faith.




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