Moving Forward

April 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

As the author, I would like to thank you for celebrating the season of Lent with me. This proved to be a devotionally rewarding and personally challenging time for me; I hope your experience was similar. As we look at God’s Word, we find that it speaks to us in challenging, encouraging, and compelling ways. Taking up this exercise in conjunction with a liturgical season provides a filter and a means by which we can approach Scripture in a certain way; a lens to view the text with. This perspective can be beneficial to our spiritual growth, for it combines the individual study of Scripture and the corporate celebration and interpretation of the body of Christ.

Now that the season of Lent has ended, this blog will take on a different shape in the future. My desire is that it remain centered around the theme of exploring and celebrating interconnected points of grace within the community of faith. I am unsure yet as to how this will take place. Perhaps this will involve further posts in the devotional style; it may deal with articles or essays. The precise shape remains to be seen. I would certainly ask for your prayers and input as I ponder this.

Finally, I wish to express my sincere hope that these posts were a blessing to you during Lent. For me, this experience proved challenging on a number of levels; I have never blogged seriously before, and I had not written devotional literature to this point. I hope that the occasional problems in site maintenance or style and content did not cause any problems for you, the reader. Also, I am aware that it is the height of pride to believe that I have anything to say to God’s people in and of myself. My prayer has been that the words that you have read are God’s words for you and nothing else; I hope that this has been your experience.

Thank you for reading. May your Lenten journey be only the beginning.



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