February 15th, 2013: The Third Day of Lent

February 15, 2013 § 1 Comment

“Can all your worries add a single moment to your life?”

~Matthew 6.27~

In asking this question, Christ cuts to the point. What good does worrying actually accomplish? Christ’s audience knew the answer, and this answer remains plain and clear for us today.

Worry accomplishes nothing.

Well, worry accomplishes nothing positive, in any case. Worry can lead to further anxiety and stress, which can bring about medical and mental difficulties. Worry may reduce one’s life-span, which is a good enough reason to try to cut back on it!

Yet, worrying is so easy to do, especially in our time. Beyond the simple basics that Christ refers to here, we find additional things to worry about. The daily news gives us reason to be unsettled, or perhaps the weather is a cause for concern. Maybe a family situation presents difficulties. In some circles, worry is seen as evidence of caring, and so for some people, worry is a positive thing; it means that one is invested in the situation. Christ reminds us of a simple fact:

Worry accomplishes nothing.

It may feel like Christ beats a dead horse here, especially when we consider this teaching in a slower, day-by-day format. However, given our inclination to stress and worry, it may be a good thing for us to linger here for a while. Worry evidences a lack of trust in God: it indicates that, at some level, we do not think that God cares about us or that we don’t think he is able to help us. In this Lenten time of self-examination and repentance, let’s ask ourselves why we worry. What lies behind it? And, if we truly believe that God can and will take care of us, how does that affect our inclination to worry?

Lord Christ, I confess that I do not trust you as much as I want to. Please don’t let me doubt your power or your care for me, but let me rest in the peaceful knowledge that you do care and that you are able. Amen.


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