April 3, 2013 § Leave a comment

My apologies! After I returned from my Easter trip, I discovered that I had not actually submitted the final post of our series – Matthew’s account of Christ’s resurrection. When it comes to Lent, there’s one thing we must be sure not to do – we must not leave Christ in the tomb. I committed that error here, and I apologize. Usually, after the Lenten season, I have hopes of continuing this blog in some capacity through the rest of the year. While I always hope to continue writing, I must admit that this year I do not see future devotional posts in the near future.

Over the Easter vacation, I proposed to my lovely girlfriend, and we are excited about planning our future together in the coming months. However, with the new and wonderful process of two lives becoming one taking place, I do not foresee the necessary time for consistent devotional writing. I am pursuing other writing opportunities and also am dreaming up a blog that will deal with spiritual formation matters in a grander scope. When that comes around, I’ll be sure to let you all know.

I hope that the blog this year has been a blessing to you. All the best to you and yours; rejoice and enjoy the Easter season, for He is risen!



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