A Post Worth Reading: David Drury on Missing God After Easter

April 16, 2015 § Leave a comment

Easter has come, and I am thrilled to see Spring arriving with it (finally!) after what felt like an endless winter. It’s such neat timing for this year that we celebrate resurrection just as Old Man Winter starts to loosen his grip on our world.

I read a post from Seedbed the other day that I want to pass on because I feel that it sums up what a lot of people might be feeling even though Easter has come. What if Spring came, but we still found ourselves in Winter? I remember that, at least where I live, March 21st came and went, and the weather could not care less. Even though the calendar said Spring, the weather said Winter. Some of us may be feeling something similar with our experience of Easter: Christ has risen, but we somehow haven’t grasped that event. We left the church service feeling much as we did before – and our days, our weeks since, have remained unchanged.

David Drury wrote a brief piece for Seedbed that explores this feeling and offers up the prayer: “Lord, help me not to miss you after Easter.” So many times, so many Easters, we celebrate the event and then return to our lives as before. We acknowledge the resurrection, but we remain untouched by it. I hope that you take the time to read this confession; if you’ve been feeling like you have been missing out on your relationship with Jesus after Easter, this might be a perspective that helps.

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