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Merriam-Webster defines the word “continuum” in this way: “A coherent whole characterized as a collection, sequence, or progression of values or elements varying by minute degrees.”

Life often does not feel like a continuum. In fact, it may be quite difficult to look at life and find any kind of stable trajectory. Fragmented plans, injured relationships, course changes, and other hang-ups of our existence can stand in the way of us seeing our lives as fitting into any kind of ordered whole.

Enter grace. While life may seem more chaotic than coherent, grace works in our lives to bring us further along the path of Christian discipleship. While these occurrences of grace may certainly differ in terms of our experience, we can rest assured that God gives us grace so that we may grow in relationship with our Creator and continue walking in faith. Therefore, while these occurrences of grace may seem to be disjointed and random, they actually share a degree of purpose and function.

From the perspective of humanity, life seems random and crazy. However, from the eyes of Heaven, God is at work to bring His Creation and Himself back together. If we can adopt the perspective of Heaven when viewing our lives, we begin to see a continuity that we may not have noticed before.

My prayer is that as time moves on, we are increasingly able to see our personal stories and the story of God’s redemption of humanity as not at odds with each other… But rather as stories that intersect and are inextricably woven together; indeed, as the same story. If we can see occurrences of grace as “contact points” between God’s story and ours, we notice that God has been acting in our lives continuously and deliberately.

This blog is intended to celebrate and discuss these points of contact. May we have eyes to see them.


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